"Better Than New"

Works great. I have a 5-year-old Lazyboy sofa. We changed the foam inserts 3 times. So disappointed in the quality of the sofa for the price. The Sagsaway UltraBlue gave better support than the sofa had new. Wonderful purchase!

"Easy Solution"

Wonderful item to restore sagging cushions on sofa or chairs. The directions for measuring were easy to follow and the result is new life in those sagging cushions that we were about to throw away.

"Quality Over Price"

We had 2 expensive sofas from Restoration Hardware, that became saggy over time. We ordered replacement cushions from them for $350. They did almost nothing. We bought these SagsAway UltraBlue inserts, and they are fantastic!! The cushions sit 1 1/2″ higher, and are nice and firm. I already ordered them for the other one. Great product!

"A Game Changer"

LOVE IT!!!!! I bought one earlier to try on 1 of my 2 seat sofa to make sure that it would work and it does!!! It’s definitely a must-have to save from getting a new couch. Since my couch is only 4 years old and couldn’t afford a new one and these seat lifts work great!!

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